We make our sourdough bread using only water, salt and flour. Our starter – the magical leavening ingredient that gets air into a loaf of bread – hosts a myriad of wild yeasts that make our bread tastier and easier to digest than breads that are made with fast-acting yeast. All of our breads are fermented for at least 20 hours, giving the yeasts time to pre-digest the flour. This process also allows for better nutrient retention when the bread is eaten; many individuals who have had issues with gluten sensitivities are able to eat sourdough breads.

The prebiotics and lactic acid contained in the bread also help extend its shelf life to up to 10 days – when stored properly.

Our viennoiserie takes up to 72 hours to make – an obsessive, detailed process. Our croissant doughs, just like our bread doughs, go through long fermentation periods, and are layered with a type of French butter that has a particularly high fat content, giving our pastries the perfect flake and crumb. We fill our pastries with the best seasonal ingredients we can get our hands on.

How to take care of your sourdough

Keep your bread, inside its Kora bag with a kitchen towel over it, for up to one week.

If you want to save your bread for later, slice, place in a plastic ziploc bag and store in the freezer. Then reheat in the toaster whenever you want.

How to take care of your pastries

Keep your pastry at room temperature in an airtight box for up to 24 hours. Don’t worry if they look a little worse for wear when you open the tupper – they will be FINE. Refresh in a 150C oven for 5 minutes before eating. In the summer don’t keep pastries with creams at room temperature for more than 6 hours.

You can store pastries in a ziplock bag in the freezer and refresh them in a 180C oven.


All of our breads are leavened with sourdough and go through a period of cold fermentation that lasts for at least 20 hours. Each loaf contains only three ingredients: flour, salt and water.


Classic Sourdough ≈ 750g // 3,70
With its open crumb and glossy, blistered crust, our classic sourdough is the perfect bread to sop up saucy meals. Try it with a creamy tomato soup.

Rye Sourdough ≈ 750g // 3,80
Packed with fruity flavour, our rye’s denser crumb makes for good sandwich-making. Its sour finish means it can handle bold flavours.

Wholegrain Sourdough ≈ 750g // 3,90
High in protein and fiber, our wholegrain should be your go-to bread for balanced and nutritious meals.

Oat Sourdough ≈ 750g // 3,90
Our oat bread has a creamy, spongy crumb with the comforting aroma of warm cereal. Made for breakfast, but works well for solo midnight snacks on the kitchen counter.

Chocolate Sourdough ≈ 650g // 3,90 **Available Saturdays and Sundays
Our classic sourdough enriched with honey, cocoa and a little bit of dark chocolate. A perfect bread for special breakfasts or adventurous savoury dishes.

Focaccia // 3,00
Topped with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt – enjoy with cheese and charcuterie.

Sandwiches (from 12.00pm)

Mortadella // 7,50
Focaccia with mortadella, creamy burrata, red pepper relish, baby tomato confit and pistachio brown butter.

Green hummus // 6,80
Hummus blended with peas, quick pickle carrot, shaved cucumber, sun-dried tomato and feta.

Breakfast to Go

Yoghurt and Croissant Granola // 4,20
Creamy yoghurt from Trikala, poached pear, hazelnut butter and our own crunch buttermilk croissant granola.

Overnight Porridge // 4,80
Refreshing oat porridge sweetened slightly with maple syrup, raspberry compote and house- made pistachio muesli. Vegan.


All of our viennoiserie is made with high quality French butter that has a particularly high fat content. The process of making each pastry takes 72 hours and involves extended periods of cold fermentation.

Croissant // 2,00
Our classic croissant. Eat it immediately or reheat at 150C in the oven and enjoy it with raspberry jam.

Pain chocolat // 2,70
A lot of dark Valrhona chocolate and nutty gianduja, along with our classic croissant pastry.

Morning Bun // 2,50
Flaky pastry, cinnamon and a sprinkle of orange zest. Smothered with tea-infused syrup. Ideal for splitting between two kids.

Cardamom Bun // 2,50
Sweet dough spiced with cardamom and slathered in aromatic syrup. Comfort in a bite.

Cheese Bun // 3,00
A balancing act of sweet and salty. Pastry rolled with feta, Cretan graviera and herbs, then smothered with a honey glaze and black and white sesame seeds.

Ham & Cheese Croissant // 3,50
Apaki ham from Mani, kaseri cheese and mustard bechamel. A savoury treat.

Salted Brownies // 3,50
A brownie with a purpose. For each piece that we sell €1 will be donated to Medecins du Monde Greece. Chewy, cakey, fudgy – it ticks all the boxes.

Kora Croissant Granola 350g // 7,50
Our handmade buttermilk croissant granola with caramelised croissant, oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins and cinnamon

Strawberry Tart // 30,00
Strawberry tart with chamomile cream. Each tart provides 10-12 servings. Pre-order yours 48 hours before your desired date by emailing hello@korabakery.com for more information or calling us at 2103627855.