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We are a sourdough and viennoiserie bakery  in Athens, Greece. We use long fermentation methods, which make our products more nutritious and digestible than conventionally produced breads. We search for the finest ingredients on the market, championing dedicated growers and producers across the country.

We are a values-driven business that gives back to the community by donating to charities through our sales, running a neutral carbon production facility and practicing low-waste initiatives.

Kora Bakery was founded by Maria Alafouzou and Ianthi Michalaki. Maria is a writer and editor who later ventured into the bakery industry and Ianthi is an acclaimed pastry chef and baker who has worked in some of the world’s finest restaurants.




We have a goal of becoming a carbon neutral certified business by 2022.


We work with Protergia to ensure that all of our machinery runs on electricity from renewable resources.


We practice low waste initiatives in our bakery and are conscious of food waste. Any unsold products are donated to Athens Municipality to help people in need.


All of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.


We donate portions of our sales to charitable organizations. As of February 2021 we’ve partnered with Mdm Greece -Doctors of the World – Greece by donating €1 from each brownie that we sell.